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Keep Up the Letter Writing18-Sep-2017

( Following the success of our letter writing campaign at the Advocacy Station during the Fall Conference, BIAMI and Rainbow Rehab are going to continue the letter writing.. Read More...

Amy Fedel Memorial Benefit Concert21-Aug-2017

Click to enlarge ( /Flyers/flyer.jpg) BIAMI is excited to be included in the Amy Fedel Memorial Concert being held on September 9th at Green Wood UMC. We appreciate the chance to be in.. Read More...

"STATE CHAMPS!" Highlights Concussions07-Aug-2017

This past Sunday, "STATE CHAMPS!" aired a special on concussions. While this program is usually directed at teens, this episode was made with parents of student athletes in mind. It details what c.. Read More...

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About Us

The Brain Injury Association of Michigan (BIAMI) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that serves to create greater awareness of brain injury across the state. The BIAMI is both comprised of and serves as the critical link between those living with a brain injury, their families, and the largest statewide provider network of brain injury rehabilitation centers, medical treatment facilities, care providers, programs and professionals in the country. Our mission is to improve the lives of those affected by brain injury and to reduce the incidence and impact of brain injury through:

Mike Dabbs speaking at the Annual Fall Conference Constituents speaking to their legislator during Capitol Day Mike Dabbs and members of one of BIAMI's chapters
  • EDUCATION: Our Continuing Education Series offers specific conferences, webinars, and events throughout the year that educate communities and professionals on brain injury.

  • ADVOCACY: We work vigorously alongside our provider network to establish, protect and preserve the laws, policies and systems that comprise the very foundation of Michigan’s robust network of brain injury care.

  • SUPPORT: We provide critical assistance and community involvement opportunities for brain injury survivors and family members on a grassroots level through the monthly meetings of our 20 chapters and support groups across the state.

  • TREATMENT SERVICES: Michigan’s brain injury rehabilitation provider network has become nationally recognized as a center of excellence in brain injury care due to the extensive number of rehabilitation facilities accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), programs, and professionals that specialize in brain injury care. We have worked to create a network between these facilities, programs, and professionals, which serves as a core part of the BIAMI membership. We offer a search function on our site that allows you to search our network of service providers.

  • RESEARCH: We encourage and assist in research though various state and regional research projects. We do not lead or actively participate in research programs.

The continuation of these programs and services depend largely on the generosity of our corporate and individual supporters, whose contributions enable us to fulfill our mission.

Financial Transparency

The Brain Injury Association of Michigan seeks to be transparent in its financial operations by making our Annual Reports (view graphs here), IRS Form 990, and Audited Financial Statements publicly available. Our financial information is available for review on Guidestar.  Guidestar's mission is to revolutionize philanthropy and nonprofit practice by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.

Board Officers

Kevin Arnold

Immediate Past Chairman
Greta Wu

Vice Chairperson
Martha Nield

Bethany Agauas

Board Members

Cheryl Angelelli

Roderick Arnold

Erica Coulston

Robert Fabiano, PhD

Julie Gronek, MD

Tammy Hannah

Jeffrey Hoover, Esq.

Sherri McDaniel

Linda Michaels Gruber

Sheila Perlman

Heidi Reyst, PhD

Jack Richert

George Sinas, Esq.

Thomas Sinas, Esq.

Phillip Weaver

Marty Zobrovitz

Tim Hoste
MBIPC Representative


Thomas J. Constand, BA
President & CEO
(810) 229-5880 ext. 17
Financial, Programs, Development, Communications, Public Policy, Human Resources, Asset Management, Partner Organizations, BIAA
Nichole Shotwell, MSW
Vice President of Programs & Operations
(810) 229-5880 ext. 16
Education Programs; I & R Services; Chapters; Individual Advocacy; Human Resources; General Operations
Gerald Schorin, Ph. D
Director of Marketing & Development
(810) 229-5880 ext. 18
Developing fundraising opportunities, maintaining and growing the donor base, and advancing marketing efforts
Diane Dugan, MS
Program Outreach Coordinator
(810) 229-5880 ext. 22
Agency & Veterans Outreach & Training; ACBIS; Family & Individual Support & Advocacy; Chapter Support
Kathie Sell
Information and Resources Coordinator
(810) 229-5880 ext. 12
Family, Individual & Veteran Support; Chapter Liaison; NBIIC; Chapter Liaison; Membership Support
Katie Blanchard, BAA
Program Coordinator
(616) 558-3337
Fall Conference; Specialty Conferences; Webinars; General Training; Events Support
Alexandra Weston, BS
Events Marketing Coordinator
(810) 229-5880 ext. 23
Event Coordination; Primary Development Support; Program Support; Communications Support; Membership; PR.
Sharon Schannault
Office Manager & Bookkeeper
(810) 229-5880 ext. 19
Accounts Payable & Receivable; Bank Reconciliation; Financial Statements; Purchasing Authorization; IT Coordination; Database Management
Jacey VarnHagen, MA
Administrative Assistant
(810) 229-5880
Database Entry; Mail Processing; Program Support; Development Support; B.O.D. Support; MBIPC Support
Nathaniel Smith, MA
Communications Associate
(810) 229-5880 ext. 14
Communications (Publications, Collateral Material); Web Master; Social Media Coordinator; Membership Support; IT Coordination; Database Management