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No-Fault: Fix It, Don't Nix It15-May-2017

"Bad Behavior Also Applies to Insurance Companies" Thanks to the FREEP’s JC Reindl for an informative overview of Michigan’s auto no-fault situation. The series shines in underscoring.. Read More...

Capitol Day, Annual Meeting, and Spring Fling03-Apr-2017

On Wednesday, May 17th, we will be gathering in the Mackinaw Room for Capitol Day 2017. It's a chance for brain injury survivors, their friends and family members, caregivers, and professionals to.. Read More...

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month02-Mar-2017

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Throughout this month, BIAMI has various activities, events, initiatives, and special programming across the state. A few notable events lined up include our.. Read More...

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BIA HOME : 2014 Candidates for The Michigan Supreme Court

2014 Candidates for The Michigan Supreme Court


In November 2014, Michigan voters will vote to fill three seats of the Michigan Supreme Court.  Two of these seats are for 8 year terms, which are those of Justices Zahra and Cavanagh.  Justice Michael F. Cavanagh's (D) term will expire in January, 2015, and he will not be able to run again due to the Michigan Constitution prohibiting anyone over the age of 70 from running for a judicial position.  

For the two 8 year terms, Justice Brian K. Zahra and candidate James Robert Redford, East Grand Rapids are the Republican candidates .  The Democratic Party's candidates for these two 8 year terms will be candidate Richard Bernstein, Birmingham, and Chief Judge of the Michigan Court of Appeals, William Murphy, East Grand Rapids. 

Voters will vote to fill the remaining two years of a vacancy, which Justice Viviano was appointed to by Governor Snyder in 2013.  Justice David F. Viviano is the Republican Party’s candidate or Deborah Thomas, Circuit Court Judge, Wayne County is the Democratic Party's candidate for this two year term.

At this time five of the seven justices on the Michigan Supreme Court are Republicans and two are Democrats.

Attached is a memo outlining 25 auto no-fault insurance cases that have been heard at the Supreme Court since 2003.  In 21 of these cases, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the insurance industry.  When reviewing the records of the two incumbent Supreme Court Justices who are running in the November election (Justices Zahra and Viviano), one should only look at the cases during the years that they have been appointed. 

Justice Murphy, is the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals who is running for the Supreme Court and thus, his voting record is not reflected in the memo regarding the Supreme Court decisions.  Court of Appeals

Supreme Court, Justice Zahra (appointed by Governor Snyder to the Supreme Court in January 2011). He was elected in November 2012 to finish the term of office and is now running for a full 8 year term of office:

Supreme Court, Justice Viviano (appointed to Supreme Court in February 2013):


Supreme Court Memo - CPAN