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Pam Hallman to Meet with the U.S. Congressional Brain Injury Task Force13-Oct-2017

On October 25, our own Pam Hallman has been chosen to represent domestic violence and brain injury survivors across the country in front of the U.S. Congressional Brain Injury Task Force at a brie.. Read More...

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BIA HOME : Dr. Charlie Reeder, a BIAMI founder, passes away

Dr. Charlie Reeder, a BIAMI founder, passes away


A message from BIAMI President, Michael Dabbs.

It is with much sadness that I inform you of the passing of Dr. Charlie Reeder, one of the founders of the Michigan Head Injury Alliance (now Brain Injury Association of Michigan) who passed away this weekend.

Charlie was a wonderful man, truly a visionary in the early years of brain injury rehabilitation. He was a psychologist who created one of the early sub-acute facilities known as Tamarack in East Lansing, which is now owned by Hope Network Rehabilitation. Charlie was a very engaging person who loved and exuded life. This is clearly evident in his obituary regarding his love of music, being a musician and a true outdoorsman; as well as having a deep love of his family.

Though not as active with BIAMI in recent years, he, along with a few key individuals in S.E. Michigan formed the Michigan Head Injury Alliance in the fall of 1980 and filed incorporation papers in early 1981. Marilyn Spivak, who with her husband, is credited with creating the National Head Injury Alliance has told me that they quickly filed incorporation papers because they heard that there was a group in Michigan who was on the verge of incorporating; and they wanted to beat them. Marilyn relayed this story to me with much love and respect for the Michigan association and the excellent support for persons with a brain injury that was being provided by the Michigan founders.

Charlie’s passing is a reminder of how far we have come over the years and that we are maturing as an Association with a proud history. His full obituary can be found here.