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Amy Fedel Memorial Benefit Concert21-Aug-2017

Click to enlarge ( /Flyers/flyer.jpg) BIAMI is excited to be included in the Amy Fedel Memorial Concert being held on September 9th at Green Wood UMC. We appreciate the chance to be in.. Read More...

"STATE CHAMPS!" Highlights Concussions07-Aug-2017

This past Sunday, "STATE CHAMPS!" aired a special on concussions. While this program is usually directed at teens, this episode was made with parents of student athletes in mind. It details what c.. Read More...

A Response to the Recent CTE Study27-Jul-2017

Written by Dr. Sean Rose A newly published research study, titled “Clinicopathological evaluation of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in players of American football,” diagnosed CT.. Read More...

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BIA HOME : Farewell Steve Copley, Long-time BIAMI Volunteer and Chapter Leader

Farewell Steve Copley, Long-time BIAMI Volunteer and Chapter Leader

BIAMI thanks Steve Copley for his years of service at Detroit Tigers game.

At the end of this month, Steve Copley will be leaving Michigan for Arizona. Steve was a very active member over the five years he was with us, volunteering at our Annual Conference and various promotional events and acting as the President of the Wayne-Oak Chapter.

His story started decades ago when he was involved in an auto accident in Ontario. He spent his first 11 days after the wreck in a coma and the following five months in the hospital and in therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan at the Detroit Medical Center. Steve struggled for many years after with painful headaches, vertigo, mood swings, and depression.

It was only after speaking with physiatrist Dr. Sherry Viola that he began to understand his condition and what he was entitled to. Until then, he did not know he should have a nurse case manager, who could provide Steve with expert knowledge about both traumatic brain injury and no-fault insurance. Linda Leone became Steve’s nurse case manager. She was Steve’s link to his care team and the insurance company, but, more importantly, she was the person in his corner that he desperately needed. With Linda’s help, Steve was able to start turning his life around.

“People always ask me if I wish I had known more about auto no-fault sooner,” said Steve. “I say yes and no. It would have been easier if I hadn’t had to struggle for so many years on my own, but in some ways, it made me stronger.”

Steve became a valued member of BIAMI’s volunteer team and an active brain injury advocate and he will be missed by his BIAMI family. We wish Steve all the best and hope he enjoys his new life in Arizona. We know he will make a difference in the lives of Arizona’s brain injury community just as he did in Michigan’s.