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Legislative Update: BIAMI & CABT Partners Win 1st Round in Defeating Heavy Truck Legislation!19-Jul-2017

Comparison of truck sizes CABT, the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks, strongly supported by BIAMI, successfully kept an amendment allowing bigger trucks from inclusion in a Transportatio.. Read More...

No-Fault: Fix It, Don't Nix It15-May-2017

"Bad Behavior Also Applies to Insurance Companies" Thanks to the FREEP’s JC Reindl for an informative overview of Michigan’s auto no-fault situation. The series shines in underscoring.. Read More...

Capitol Day, Annual Meeting, and Spring Fling03-Apr-2017

On Wednesday, May 17th, we will be gathering in the Mackinaw Room for Capitol Day 2017. It's a chance for brain injury survivors, their friends and family members, caregivers, and professionals to.. Read More...

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BIA HOME : Scott Dingwall Passes Away

Scott Dingwall Passes Away

18-Jan-2017 Scott Dingwall

It is with a great deal of sadness that we announce the passing of Scott Dingwall earlier this afternoon.

Back in 2013, Scott was profiled in a video produced for BIAMI. His endless optimism and zest for life sustained him far beyond his original life expectancy, and allowed him to immerse himself into so many different endeavors and experiences. His outlook on things could best be summed up by his beaming smile and his opening line from our video: “Let’s get this party started!”

Scott’s mother, Dora, is a passionate advocate and volunteer with BIAMI. It is only through her graciousness that we share this sad story with you. We will announce details as they come out for those interested in paying their respects to a valued member of our community.

We would like to thank Scott and Dora for their time and efforts, but also for sharing a very personal part of themselves in our video. Scott will be greatly missed by all of us; he has touched more lives than he could possibly have known.