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Pam Hallman to Meet with the U.S. Congressional Brain Injury Task Force13-Oct-2017

On October 25, our own Pam Hallman has been chosen to represent domestic violence and brain injury survivors across the country in front of the U.S. Congressional Brain Injury Task Force at a brie.. Read More...

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Directory Search

Michigan has more service providers for people with brain injuries than any other state in the nation. This includes medical, rehabilitation, community-based services, legal assistance, construction, and transportation services.

We update the Michigan Directory as more organizations and individual service providers become members and update continuously as information is provided to BIAMI. Please note that the directory information does come from the providers. To be listed in the directory, your company must be a corporate member.

Corporate Membership Form

The Brain Injury Association of Michigan provides this online directory solely as a resource to the public. The directory is a paid advertising vehicle. All programs in the directory must adhere to any applicable truth-in-advertising regulations. The Brain Injury Association of Michigan has not independently investigated or certified the advertising accuracy of any of the information contained herein. The inclusion of a rehabilitation program or service in the directory is in no way intended to promote or endorse the services of the program. The Brain Injury Association of Michigan disclaims any liability arising from the use of information in the directory, and claims no responsibility for the directory's contents.

Search Instructions

Each search option offers a distinct way to search the directory by one or more criteria.

  • When a box is provided, you may search only with one entry (ex. one zip code, or one keyword).

  • You may fill in all of the boxes for a more specific search (ex. zip code, distance and a keyword).

  • You may check multiple boxes in one grouping (ex. you can check counseling and social worker – both are in the Professional Service Category).

  • You may check multiple boxes in multiple groupings (ex. You can check counseling, social worker, DT (Day Treatment) and TBI (which are in multiple categories).

  • Please note the more information you check or provide, the more limited your results will be. Check less categories for more results.

  • If you don’t see a category, search it as a “Keyword” (ex. Transportation).

Search results will appear in the space below the instructions and above the search form.

As always, please call 800-444-6443 if you need personalized assistance in finding services.

Alternative Therapies
Case Management and Care Coordination
Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy
Expert Witness
Legal and Attorneys
Life Care Planning
Massage Therapy
Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Rehabilitation Nursing
Social Worker
Special Education
Speech-Language Therapy
Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Vocational Rehabilitation

al – Alcohol and Drug Dependency
bh – Behavior Intervention
cc – Concussion Care
co – Coma Management
ct – Clinical Trials
de – Driver Education and Training
hi – Hearing Impairment
hm – Headache Management
pd – Pediatric
pm – Pain Management
ps – Psychological Services and Counseling
rd – Respirator Dependent
si – Vocational Rehabilitation
vi – Visual Impairment

Anoxia or Hypoxia
Lightning Strike or Electric Shock
Metabolic Disorders
Traumatic Brain Injury
Infectious Disease

AA – Air Ambulance
CB – Community-Based Program
CM – Case Management
CN – Congregate Living
CR – Community Re-entry
DT - Day Treatment
ED – Education
ES – Medical/Adaptive Equipment Suppliers
FL – Family Living
HA – Home Health Agency
IL – Independent Living
IP – Inpatient Rehabilitation
LO – Secured Facility
LT – Long Term Care
MI – Medical Inpatient
OP – Outpatient Rehabilitation
RC – Respite Care
RK – Recreation Program
SC – School
SF – Skilled Nursing Facility
SL – Supervised Living
SR – Subacute Rehabilitation
SU – Supported Independent Living
TL – Transitional Living
VR – Vocational Rehabilitation

56 and Up

CARF Brain Injury Medical Inpatient Program
CARF Brain Injury Comprehensive Category 1
CARF Brain Injury Comprehensive Category 2
CARF Brain Injury Comprehensive Category 3
CARF Brain Injury Comprehensive Category 4
CARF Brain Injury Community Interactive Program
CARF Home and Community Based Rehab
CARF Employment Services
CARF Alcohol and Other Drug Program AOD
CARF Other

Alcohol-Drug Counselor
Clinical Dietician
Drivers Education Instructor
Movement Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Orthotist or Prosthetist
Physical Therapist
Rehabilitation Engineer
Rehabilitation Nurse
Respiratory Therapist
Social Worker
Special Education Teacher
Speech or Language Pathologist
Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist
Physician Consultants as Needed